Who is mudTap

Who is mudTap?

mudTap is a group of mudders who have banded together to create this site, here we share our views, goals and mud run fun and other crazy exploits. This is all about involvement support and friendship all in the name of mud.

tough mudder orange headband

Finally warming up after completing first Tough mudder with my orange headband

We are not professional OCR athletes although we do take part in other events like marathons, tri-athlon’s, goruck and any other personal challenges. The mix of contributors will also be able to advise on training, other challenges, events and also just having fun and where possible hang out at TM events after doing their runs.

The list of people so far are;

  • Lance Wantenaar (aka Pegleg Poppa Cock)
  • Maria (aka MH or Mudder Hen)
  • Paul (Abe) Smisek
  • Jeffrey “Get Some” Cochran
  • Andy Sonicboom Thor
  • Kyle “King Dong” Normandin

This list is not conclusive but people who have been involved from the start, over time the group will grow and the site will expand and more fun stuff will be added. Make sure you stop by Muddernation for a chat or come and read about our exploits. There is nothing better than to hear people planning their first TM or mud run and if we can help and advise then we will do what we can.

We will be putting together a bunch of information to help people prepare for a TM and will try to help people hook up if the need team info or general help. We will also be posting reviews of TM’s and events we have participated in to help others become better prepared more informed and feel confident about attempting any challenges.

OCR and mud runs are incredible fun for a once off and are addictive once done, when you get serious about it you then look for ways to improve and here we as a group want to share our experience and knowledge to make your events better. Keep your eyes peeled for our WTM beginners guide and we will be posting more advice and information on all the obstacles courses and events coming up and ones from the past.

Mud up and be awesome!


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