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It sounds too good to be true to get  a 90% discount for Tough Mudder events but it is possible. To find out how read through one of Muddernation’s regular visitor Savannah Hill’s experience – she wanted to do a Tough Mudder mud run but obviously as a cash strapped student looked around for a way and signed up for  the Tough Mudder Volunteer Programme or MVP.

My experience with the Mudder Volunteer Program (MVP) – Savannah Hill

As a broke college student who loves to try new things and challenge herself, when I saw that the Tough Mudder had a volunteer program and discount, I jumped at the chance to get involved and save money. So I signed up to volunteer on Saturday and run on Sunday- perfect!

The weekend of the Mudder comes along and they email me the volunteer information and a parking pass (free parking, yes!) and I can’t contain my excitement. I signed up for the bright and early shift, 6am until 12:30pm. I wake up at 3:30 in the morning, eat breakfast, and drive the 1.5 hours to the site- Michigan International Speedway in Brooklyn, Michigan.

When I get there it’s super easy to get parked up and into the venue, when I arrive it’s clear where I should go. Stand in line, get a free MVP shirt, some bagels for breakfast and we’re ready to get a move on! But before we get moving my favorite MC Sean Corvelle comes and says a few things to us. And of course one of them is “HOO-RAH!”

Sean Corvelle Tough Mudder Volunteer Program

Sean Corvelle talks to MVP volunteers as part of his duties.

So the volunteers are talking and we group up and make a few friends! We learn that some of the MVP’s are there just for fun, some are parents of participants, and many like me are doing it for the experience and *cough* the discount!

I made a friend named Ryan and we stuck together the whole day. The volunteer coordinator put us at registration- which meant we would actually be doing some work! Good thing for me, not so much for others! I had letters K-LUH or something along those lines. Even got to meet a fellow mudder from Mudder Nation in person! (Jon K)

Throughout the day as mudders came through my line I got to talk to them about their experiences as I checked their ID’s and gave them their race packets. Many were from all around the country, some were repeat mudders, but they all had that energy that I love. You know that energy that I’m talking about- the energy that the Tough Mudder creates that you crave once you get involved with these kinds of things.

One part of my day that made me giggle was when I gave a guy who only had two more days until he was 21 a wristband to get that free beer. All of his friends were 21, so I figured why not let him have it? He probably would have kissed me right there had I let him. It’s the little things.

When 12:30 came along another MVP came and relieved me, I told her what was up and what to do, and Ryan and I went to get the lunch that was provided for the MVP’s. It was a box lunch with a turkey or ham wrap, chips, an apple, and a bottle of Dasani. Not too shabby.

Ryan and I went and spectated a bit, we watched his brother take off for his event- he was a very large man running with other large men. It took them 5.5 hours apparently, but kudos to them for finishing the Tough Mudder. He also got the tattoo put on his thigh…to each his own!

I walked the course a bit and saw some mudders after they finished- but I didn’t want to see too much before my event the next morning! I took off around two o’clock to get some rest for my mudder the next day. And boy let me tell you- after seeing so many people get their headbands on Saturday; it felt SO good to get that orange headband after electroshock therapy on Sunday.

Overall volunteering really helped me get a feel for the Tough Mudder, meet some cool people, and really feel like a part of the culture of this event. It was great to get there on Sunday already knowing how some operations worked, and it made the whole experience way more enjoyable.

I would definitely recommend volunteering for this event, it is a great time and the discount is just a cherry on top of the already awesome experience.


Savannah Hill


MVP tough Mudder

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