Luke Tyburski Adventure Endurance Athlete, Public Speaker and Coach

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I came across Luke Tyburski courtesy of James Dunne of Kinetic Revolution and was able to get some time with him and interview him to find out more about his story and all of the challenges that he has been involved in. Surprisingly I read that he also suffers from depression. This can be a sensitive topic to discuss as it is a very personal issue and not something which is openly discussed.

Luke Tyburski

We talked about a number of topics including his approach to nutrition, sporting past and how he got involved with endurance/extreme challenges.

One of the topics which we covered but will delve into more at a later date is how he deals with depression and the toll it took on him at a most unexpected time in his life. This can be a difficult topic to broach and speak about with people. Luke is very open about it and he wants to show people what potential they have and what they can do despite the personal challenges that each person has to cope with.

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