Gladiator Rock ‘n Run Review

This is a brief review done of the gladiator Rock ‘n Run that I did recently, although a fun event the bench mark of a Tough Mudder is hard to beat. Overall it was good fun and hoping they develop this into a better OCR event.

The morning of August 17th came, and I was ready for my third OCR of the summer. This one was the Gladiator Rock n’ Run. It sounded promising and exciting, and it was a bit lower scale than the previous OCR’s that I have done. The obstacles listed on the website included “The World’s Longest Mud Pit” and “Polar Bear Plunge”, so I did expect something relatively exciting.

The morning of my race comes and I am up bright and early for the commute to the race site, I arrive and parking is easy! What a relief. I make my way to the check in, which is also not very painful. This race only has about 3,000 participants which is quite smaller than what I am used to.

Once I checked in, put on my bib and got my race shirt, I made my way to the start line. They let us go every 3-5 minutes at each specific wave time to make sure it didn’t get backed up. Around 10:15 I was on my way!

The first obstacle was the “Nightmare Mystery Obstacle”. This obstacle was a bunch of strings pulled into a cat’s cradle type of thing over a dirt/muddy pit. I thought this was a joke…“Nightmare Mystery Obstacle”? Not even. Later on when I saw pictures I guess they sprayed water at racers as they went through it, that’s still a bit lame!

Some of the next obstacles were pretty cool; they were more like full body workout things than obstacles. Some that came up were cinderblock burpees, carrying a 40 pound bag of rice around part of the course, and another one right after that was lifting a tire over your head and doing lunges.

Definitely more like boot camp than a race! There was also an obstacle where you climb into and out of a dumpster…It confused me because I feel that it served no purpose! But some fellow Gladiators helped me get out of it! The people doing this race were just all there to have a good time and a few laughs.

My favorite obstacle was the rope climb, where you climb the rope and ring the bell. I did it! Felt great man.

Toward the end of the race there was a large cargo net climb, a swim in the lake, a giant wall with a rope to climb, and a team log carry. The log carry added on an unnecessary five minutes of waiting to my race time, but once that was finished I jumped over the fire coals and finished the race!

gladiator log carry

Savannah “Savage” Hill chain gang duty on Gladiator Rock’n  


The best part about this race was the medal, it’s heavy and it spins! To me it was worth it just for this cool medal!

I would definitely do this race again, especially over the Warrior Dash. The people at this race were mostly just there for a good time, no one took themselves too seriously. That also made it a fun experience to be a part of! But the obstacles weren’t very creative and more like a boot camp. This may have been more due to budget and race site details, but overall it was a fun experience, AND a great workout!

Stay Muddy,

Savannah “Savage” Hill




Savannah “Savage” Hill with her cool medal to add to her collection


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