Darren Welsh Marathon Des Sables Preparation

I was fortunate to bump into Darren whilst at my local gym and one thing lead to another and I found out about his preparation for Marathon Des Sables.  MDS is it is known is a multi-stage marathon which is run over 6 days through the hostile and challenging Sahara desert.

To make it even more challenging you have to carry all of your day to day requirements with you like food, clothing, a small emergency medical kit and sleeping bag. Find out more about this fantastic event which Darren is doing in aid of his chosen charity which is for the Yorkshire cancer research.

Darren Welsh Justgiving for Yorkshire Cancer Research

Here is a quick profile;

Darren Welsh
Married – father of 3
Work as a Project Manager for R4 Telecom.
Running background is for Luton United AC as a teenager;
Running PB’s
800m 1:57
1500m 3:55
5m 24:55
10m 56m.

Military background joined 21SAS for 5yrs

Fan Dance Jacobs Ladder

Darren Welsh near RV1 on Fan Dance SAS challenge

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