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Helene Dumais Endurance Athlete OCR Athlete and Adventurer

I’m an elite endurance athlete and adventurer with an insatiable thirst to explore the world. I thrive in ultra trail running, obstacle course racing and endurance challenges. My journey is about exploring the full potential of our natural design. As a coach and athlete, my mission is to inspire others to follow that path and […]

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Mark Leinster Muddy Highlander OCR MC and OCR WorldChamp rep and OCR Marshal Trainer

Today’s interview is with Mark Leinster aka the Muddy Highlander. Mark is one of the most enthusiastic OCR eventer and OCR MC and ambassador for this growing sport. His enthusiasm for OCR is invigorating and he loves talking to people when it comes to OCR events whether newbies or regulars. I got to know Mark first […]

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