About Us

mudTap is a collection of mud runners and OCR fanatics who enjoy sharing their knowledge and experience to enjoy, learn and participate in Tough Mudder events, Spartan Races and a host of other events in both UK and United States. We are a collection of normal people who band together online to provide people with the place to learn about OCR, Tough Mudder events and any other challenges that we take part in.

Meet the team:

  • Lance Wantenaar (aka Pegleg Poppa Cock)
  • Maria (aka MH or Mudder Hen)
  • Paul (Abe) Smisek
  • Jeffrey “Get Some” Cochran
  • Andy Sonicboom Thor
  • Kyle “King Dong” Normandin

This is not the conclusive list of contributors and more will be added over time. Welcome and enjoy your interaction and hope we can help you achieve your dream of doing what you think is impossible. To become a better you.

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