Welcome to the mudTap About page. MudTap was started as a crazy idea due to getting involved in my first tough mudder and then signing up to a bunch of events. There are still some outdated posts of some past events that have to be done but this will be coming up in the next couple of weeks.

Lance “Pegleg Poppa Cock” Wantenaar

Pegleg Poppa Cock

Lance Wantenaar mudTap creator and instigator

Lance is the creator and instigator of mudTap and the latecomer to the Tough Mudder scene but now is the passionate driving force behind the site to bring the fun and excitement of Obstacle Course Racing to the muddy masses. Lance is an avid fan of MotoGP, Rugby, Extreme Sports, reptiles and is a full time IT Engineer at the UK’s largest airline. He is working hard at improving himself as an athlete and to experience as many of the mud runs and OCR events and other challenges.

Lance does a lot of travelling when the chance permits and has decided to grow old disgracefully and get dirty. He is a lover of wildlife and tries to do bodyboarding when the whenever he isn’t being washed off of the rocks. If not he will attempt any other challenge to see if he can. This means so far that it has lead him to do 3 Tough Mudder’s, paras10 TAB 10 mile run and he will also be attempting his Spartan Tri-fecta this year.

IT is also his dream to retire and become a beach bum in a warm climate with good waves. To achieve this he is running through the dirtiest English countryside to achieve this goal.

The site took a bit of a hit and was completely offline due to the forum being hosed by some friendly link spammers.

All the best with your adventures and as they say on Muddernation “Get Some”!